Chris Purnell


Attachment-based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

UKCP Registered

What I can offer:


As a psychotherapist I work primarily with individual adults, but also with couples.


My particular areas of experience and expertise are:



  • Relationship difficulties


  • Childhood trauma - including sexual abuse


  • Attachment Issues


  • Trauma and Dissociation


  • Difficulties that are sometimes referred to as Personality Disorders


  • Loss and Bereavement


  • Depression and Anxiety


  • Sexuality


  • Living with life-threatening illness


  • Substance mis-use as a legacy of childhood trauma


  • Adults with Aspergers Syndrome

Attachment-based Therapy


Being attachment-based means that I use attachment theory as a frame of reference for understanding the issues that you present in therapy, and also as a founding principal for building a working relationship with you as a client. I also draw upon the psychoanalytic understanding that I gained as part of my training.


Although the current trend (particularly in the NHS) is toward time-limited therapy, I offer short, medium and long-term work according to what is most appropiate to your needs. Often it is not possible to determine this until an initial consultation. There is no fee for an initial consultation session.


Please feel free to contact me for further information

About me


I am Shropshire-based, and have 20 years post-qualified experience as a UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) registered psychotherapist. Currently I work in private practice, but also worked for ten years in NHS mental health and also the Voluntary sector.


I am a member of the Bowlby Centre, where I originally trained.


I have a passionate interest in attachment and attachment theory and believe in promoting ideas about the importance of attachment security for individuals, families and communities. To this end, I not only offer psychotherapy, but also workshops on attachment to organisations.


My understanding of adult attachment is greatly influenced by the Dynamic Maturational Model (DMM). This model was developed through the work of Dr Patricia Crittenden, with whom I trained for a number of years. Dr Crittenden was a student of Mary Ainsworth, who in turn was the person who developed John Bowlby's original attachment theory, by identifying particular characteristics of secure and anxious attachment strategies in infants. Most subsequent attachment research was influenced by the work of Ainsworth.

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