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I am an Attachment-based Psychotherapist, registered with the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). UKCP is one of the main bodies that regulates the training, accreditation and practice of psychotherapists in the UK.


I am a member of the Bowlby Centre (a member organisation of UKCP), where I trained as a psychotherapist. I have 20 years post-qualification experience as a psychotherapist in private practice, and also a professional background with almost 20 years experience in youth and community work. I have worked for 10 years in specialist psychotherapy services within NHS mental health, and for 7 years in a hospice and community setting delivering a psychotherapeutic service for people living with HIV&AIDS.


My psychotherapeutic experience is wide ranging and includes extensive work with people who are living with life-threatening illness, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse trauma, and also with people who have sought psychotherapeutic help through NHS mental health services for a variety of complex difficulties usually involving past traumas and losses that often originate in childhood and which influence their current lives and relationships.


My particular interest is in attachment theory and its application in working psychotherapeutically with adults, both individuals and couples. My understanding of attachment is greatly influenced by the Dynamic Maturational Model (DMM). This model was developed by Dr Patricia Crittenden, with whom I have trained in the use of the Adult Attachment Interview. I apply this training in assisting my understanding of people who come to me for help.


My Interest in the subject of Attachment is such, that I have regularly published and presented papers on this subject, and offered seminars and workshops for professionals over a period of 20 years. I have provided links to some of these papers, which you are welcome to download.


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